I’m Not the Killing Type || Haven and James

After her little misadventure with Key had seemed to appease the ghost for the time being, Haven had actually managed to get some sleep and some time to herself. She was feeling much better and finally decided to give the practice weapons another try. She picked up the knife she’d seen earlier and just examined it. She looked up when she sensed another tribute close by and tensed, thinking it might be the mean blonde girl who had hurt her the day before but she let that expression drop and put on a smile instead when she spotted a boy she hadn’t met before. He had dark features and a smile not unlike her own. “Hey, there,” she grinned for his benefit. “Sorry if I’m in your way. I’m just looking at weapons,” she explained as her smile slipped just slightly. “But I still don’t have the drive to use them.” She just had to ask, “Have you tried yet?”

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